Why Choose Us?

Wed Global is an integrated group of thinkers, makers, and problem solvers in areas of I T, marketing and supply chain consultancy. We seek to eliminate the burden of components of your business processes, to enable firms concentrate on equally pressing demands involved with company management directly related to their core business areas.

We specialize in the development and deployment of custom software applications; custom programming, database design, web and mobile software application development, marketing and advertising; Internal brand identity, website marketing and advertising, brand identity, ecommerce website, lean supply chain systems and building collaborative relationships throughout the supply chain.

Wed Global thrives on customer satisfaction with efficiency, promptness and attention to detail. At Wed Global, we always tell our clients that; “the little things they ignore are what actually makes them stand out”.

By combining talent, expertise and hard work, our talented and innovative staff would eliminate the bottlenecks in your operations and enhance the whole business processes for optimum output.

Take a tour of our top notch services and let us know where we can help by requesting a free quote. At Wed Global, our operations hinges on a quote by Floral Edwards; "In helping others, we shall help ourselves for whatever good we give out completes the circle and comes back to us".

Wed Global will lead in providing efficient, innovative and effective business processes to aid in the creation of a strong bond between organizations and their stakeholders wit h constant innovation and challenging goals to exceed expectations and enrich lives. In meeting our goals, we hire considering passion and talent who do not relent in achiev ement but uses it to set higher standards.
To reach an era where companies would be attractive, relate more with customers and e xceed customer requirements by solving key and complex business processes to enrich l ives.
  • With business innovation through technology and anticipation of product distribution n eeds, we aim to develop strong business partnerships to improve market share of busine sses.
  • We aim to create a dynamic organization prepared to meet the challenges of growth an d processes that effectively deal with the developing market place.
  • With the values we hold dear, we aim to priorities customer satisfaction, responsibility to the community and employee satisfaction.

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IT Services

  • Service technology
  • Software development
  • Web development
  • Mobile development
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Sales Marketing

  • Brand building and management
  • Print design and productiont
  • Sales and marketing
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Supply Chain Management

The best companies around the world are discovering a powerful new source of competitive advantage.

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Bulk Email

Bulk email marketing is widely used by email marketers as an effective way to advertise your products and services and keep constant communication.

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